Precision Targeting
for Higher User Quality

We use data science and machine learning

to power our advanced targeting capabilities


Find new users who ‘look like’ your existing quality users.'s powerful lookalike modeling engine helps identify and target multiple audience segments that are likely to convert to high lifetime value (LTV) users for your business, and optimize campaigns in real time to maximize RoI.

APPOGRAPHIC TARGETINGTM Appographic TargetingTM is an industry-first, app-interest based audience targeting technology that helps app marketers promote their apps to users based on their unique app interests. Appographic TargetingTM leverages audience insights that go beyond app ownership and app category, and allows you to target over 200 unique appographic segments based on app interests.

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(LOCATION) TARGETING Geo-Context Targeting uncovers insights from the myriad location patterns generated by always-on mobile consumers, allowing brands to target their audiences beyond just latitude or longitude. With 100% control on 1st party location data collected through our in-app SDK, we leverage verified location signals to deliver the best geo-targeted campaigns.

Real-world Places of Interest

We translate lat/long data into known places of interest: airport, supermarkets, banks & more

Behavioural Location History

We store the location history of a user (opt in only) every time we get an ad request, not only when an ad is served (as our competitors do)

Polygonal Mapping Technology

Our powerful Polygonal Mapping Technology allows us to map out the exact shape of an area to get accurate ZIP code level mapping signals and avoid creating overlapping ZIP code zones.

Negative Targeting

Exclude existing users or those outside your target set to reduce wastage and increase campaign efficiency.