Maximize Sales and Re-engage users with Mobile Remarketing

Integrating remarketing on mobile

converts existing users into high value customers

Engineered for accurate recommendations

Relevant recommendations determined by user-product affinity mapping. Timely recommendations based on post-install event analysis to predict the right moment to pique a user's interest. Efficient remarketing spend based on our automated bid optimization engine. The platform layers technology to accurately and efficiently determine when and what to remarket.

Real-time optimization for user state

Accurately track and target users based on their ever-changing states in the consumer lifecycle on mobile. Stay relevant and focussed with automated targeting that accounts for change down to the last second.

Rapid and Seamless Merchant Onboarding

Experience seamless onboarding set up for Remarketing success. Benefit from quick, efficient catalog ingestion, and independent, accurate attribution through our Mobile Tracking & Attribution Partners (MTAPs). Enjoy complete control and transparency over data sharing for remarketing optimization.