Acquire quality users efficiently and drive app installs at scale

At, we combine advanced user signals from 1st, 2nd and 3rd party sources to enable more precise targeting and optimization for high lifetime value users. As trusted partners with clear standards around data protection and security, we have helped some of the largest clients across gaming, retail, travel, entertainment & other verticals drive installs and acquire high quality users globally.

Activate users by nudging them to Purchase

Our personalized product discovery feeds showcase products around relevant themes based on product affinity and user context. By deep-linking users directly to product detail pages within your app, you can engage users instantly and nudge them towards their first purchase.

Precision Targeting
for Higher User Quality

At, we combine first, second, and third party data to create a holistic user graph, laying the foundation for the advanced targeting capabilities we offer.


Prospect & find new users who ‘look like’ your existing quality users.

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Targeting tm

Promote your app to users based on their app interests.

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Other Targeting Options

Target users based on demographics, location, context, behavior & interest to reach your most relevant users.

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Innovative Creatives for Higher Conversions

Our suite of ad-formats are designed to inform, inspire, and convert. Choose from among Native, Video, Rich Media, Interstitials, and Carousel ads to drive discovery & action.

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