Innovative Creatives for Higher Conversions

Our suite of ad formats are designed to

inform, inspire, and convert

TV-LIKE EXPERIENCE IN THE PALM OF YOUR HANDS's advanced video advertising platform leverages the power of data to make video ad campaigns deliver the best results. Available in skippable, non-skippable, full-screen, pre-roll, vertical & native formats, our full-suite video offerings are primed to deliver the best performance for advertisers & publishers alike.

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"People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad" —Howard Luck Gossage

Designed to blend seamlessly within the app's design & layout, Native ads deliver a contextual, non-intrusive ad experience on mobile. Found to deliver better engagement & eCPMs, Native Ads are best suited for news, entertainment, social & messaging apps.

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Showcase your app in an app/product discovery carousel. An intuitive, scrollable mobile ad unit, the dynamic carousel engages users, nudges them to browse through collections with ease and discover new apps or products. High user attention and engagement with the unit translates to app downloads or product purchases that are truly intent-based, proving highly qualified clicks and hence, high quality users.


Bring ads to life with interactive rich media experiences. Our award-winning, MRAID compliant rich media creatives harness mobile device features such as accelerometers, microphones, gyroscopes & haptic sensors to provide a multi-dimensional ad experience on smartphones. Best suited for brands with a compelling story to tell.


Full-screen interstitials take advantage of natural transition points within a mobile app to serve meaningful marketing messages. Suitable for every mobile device, platform, and campaign objective.